24 hours doesn’t seem like enough time..

As a single mom, or as any parent or even any human, I think we have all felt that there is not enough time in a day. Not enough time to complete tasks at work, home or school. I feel this on the regular! I feel like I am on a motor and at 10:00pm…or let’s be real, most likely midnight my motor turns off and I sleep, then I wake up in the morning and start again. My days are jammed back and at times I sit back and think what am I doing with my life. I work an 8 hour job that I technically hate but hey it pays the bills right? Then I leave work to pick up my son and we head home for ABA therapy. When do I get time to breathe? O that’s right when I am up till midnight binge watching old episodes of Grey’s Anatomy. I think that as parents, no humans we need to find an outlet. Something that serves purpose to us. Do what you love to do! I realize we spend more time at our jobs then with our families, why should we subject ourselves to something we hate on a daily basis, for the pay? Is it really worth it? Go out DO WHAT YOU LOVE! FIND YOUR HAPPINESS! I am still working on my happiness but for now I make slow strides, I find an outlet to express and be myself even if it’s only for a couple hours, minutes, seconds a day. A few ideas I have tried are writing in a journal, being creative (I have developed a love for refurbishing furniture that I will have to share), taking a bath, reading, or even talk to another human adult who gets you! Anything that can give you that “me time” you so deserve…regardless of how short it might be. If you start small it will grow and grow. Self care is key to being the best worker, mother, father, friend, etc that you can be!

*Need to start off small? Take a warm bath, add 2 cups of Epsom salt and lavender oil..you’ll thank me after


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