It’s Been A While….

It’s been a while since I logged onto my blog and decided to write something. Life has gotten in the way. Work, family, my son, it’s all to crazy and to find time to sit down to write get’s put on the back burner. I decided today to write because I wanted to talk about anxiety. I have been dealing with it a lot lately and it has been really on my mind. Why do I let it consume me? What can I do to overcome it? I think for me the first step I have taken is to acknowledge I have anxiety, no it hasn’t been mentally diagnosed, can it be? I mean I know when I am starting to have a panic attack, I know the signs my body tells me and I have at times been able to stop them before they get out of hand and other times it takes a while.

I feel sometimes that my anxiety and panic attacks consume my world. An example is I get them at work and all I want to do is rush home, but that would mean leaving work and making up a lie to leave. Why would I want to do that? I have been blessed enough where I can calm myself down with certain techniques. Have you ever heard of putting your hand in a bowl of ice cold water? It works! It directs your mind to the coldness rather then the panic. There are also breathing techniques you can research online. Or for me since I am stuck in an office, sometimes just walking outside and taking a few deep breaths help. I have learned there is nothing to be ashamed of, I tell people close to me when I feel an attack coming on and they give support and guide me through it. That’s key…know your body and mind, get techniques that help and have support and you will get through it. It’s a one day at a time journey.


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